The last modification of the Rolleicord line - the Vb version, with an Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 75/3.5

The camera was completely serviced, renewed and recalibrated, all functions operates perfectly.

Overall mint condition, (please refer the full-sized photos).

Comes with the new updated screen:

+ good (about 98% of the new condition) ultra-bright screen with the same brightness and quality as the "acute matte d" on the Hassy or "High-D screen" on hy6 (easy to focus even if you have problems with focusing)

Comes with special mask-sets
  • 12 frames mask, the standard counter for the usual 12 frames in 6x6
  • 16 frames mask - it´s possible to shot 16 frames on the 120 film in 4x5,5 format
  • 24 frames mask - it´s possible to shot 24 frames on the 120 film in 36x24 format

The lens was cleaned internal: no fungus, no visible scratches, good coating, some signs of use due to its age, also nothing what will affect taking pictures.


  • Rolleicord Vb
  • new updated ultra bright screen
  • 16-frames mask
  • 24-frames mask
  • lens hood
  • original R1 sky filter + yellow
  • manual
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