Rolleiflex SL66SE - Fully mechanical medium format SLR camera with electronic spot/integral metering (2 settings: spot or bottom-weighted multi-zone metering with 5 silicon photocells behind the instant-return mirror).
This was the most sophisticated of all Rolleiflex SL66 models ever made, and also the last one to be marketed.

  • First version: SL66
  • Second: SL66E
  • Special model for studio photography with flash: SL66X
  • Third version: SL66SE

Compared to other SL66 models, this modification has TTL metering, TTL flash metering, redesigned film backs with improved film advance system and improved pneumatic mirror damper.
Total made 3500 cameras in Germany from April 1986 - October 1992: 3500

It´s also possible to adapt any types of MF lenses trough a special adapter and even LF lenses of the right diameter.

Great working condition (please refer the photos), not really shows any signs of its age, not new but pretty mint.

Comes with the original ultra bright screen (High-D-screen), this is the brightest version possible for this model:

+ mint/ln (about 90% of the new condition).

Planar 80 ‘Made by Rollei’ HFT coated lenses with open-aperture-metering, unopened "as is", no visible scratches, no haze, no fungus, good coating, may have some minimal residue and residual traces, also nothing that will affect taking pictures

BONUS LENS: Distagon (Opton) 80/4 - amazingly sharp lens made by Zeiss, this particular one comes without open-aperture-metering option and could be used as an normal lens.
The mechanical central shutter is deactivated, so the lens works like a normal lens without built-in leaf shutter. LN condition

See some images made exactly with this camera.



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  • Rolleiflex SL66SE
  • Planar 80 HFT
  • Distagon 80/4
  • stative holder (adapter)
  • original lens hood for Planar 80 or Distagon 80/4
  • adapter for 67mm filter
  • manuals
  • polaroid back
  • soft release button

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