Rolleiflex 2.8F type 3 with an Carl Zeiss Planar 80/2.8 lens, the last classical lens generation (53xxxxx) with the great contrast and kind of "modern" sharpness.

Mint restored condition (please refer the full size photos), slight signs of use are present.

The camera was completely rebuilt, renewed and re-adjusted, all functions operates exactly with the factory-fresh feeling. Film plane adjusted and film tested.

For collectors: this is the so called "White Face" version, do not be irritated by the number on the white plate, the front cover plate was changed and renewed, of course original parts were used

Working adjusted meter and appears to be accurate.

Comes with exclusive NOS (new old stock, about 97-96% of new condition) super bright and flat plastic screen (easy to focus even if you have problems with focussing)

Both lenses were cleaned internal: no noticeable scratches, no visible haze, no fungus, good coating, some slight marks on the rear element, may also have some minimal residue and residual traces, also nothing what will affect taking pictures, tested with the lens tester as well.

  • Rolleiflex 2.8F type 3
  • Rolleinar 1 portrait lens
  • leather case
  • leather strap
  • lens cap
  • lens hood
  • new B+W UV filter
  • original Rollei red + yellow filters
  • soft release button
  • manual
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