There had been numerous inquiries about this rebuild model, yes me also understand that to have all the best at one camera is a huge thing!
I have therefore decided to open the PRE-ORDER option for this model.
How it works? You pay the camera and I´ll start with the rebuild that usually takes 7-8 days and after this period you'll get your camera shipped to you!



Rolleiflex 3.5F type 5 "White Face" with the late improved 6-elements Carl Zeiss Planar 75/3.5 lens, the last classical lens generation of the Planar 75 line with the great contrast and amazing sharpness.

For collectors/users: this later 3.5F type 5 "White Face" model is based on the early 3.5F type 4 shell, it means I completely rebuild the later type into another shell that was able to accept the new flat glass insert!
The flat glass insert is the best way to keep your film absolutely flat over the entire surface (like a sensor) and you also get a constant film position for every single shot without any tolerances in the film channel! The same technology was also possible for 220 type film on vacuum film insert for the Contax 645 but on this 3.5F it´s also possible for 12o type film.

It´s relatively easy to remove the flat glass plate to clean underneath (if needed) or to remove completely to use the camera in the standard modus without the flat glass (for that purpose the pressure plate of the back must be switched to the 6x6 mod).
Another important aspect is that you will able to see where the flat glass ends on the negative (the edge will be visible on top and bottom part of the negative).

During the rebuild process the standard 5 bladed aperture was changed to the 10 bladed version!

It also comes with a mint/new flat glass back door which is extremely rare nowadays, especially in that condition, it could be found on eBay right now for almost 550 USD for the back in that condition only.

"Like new" restored condition (please refer to the full-size photos) with some normal signs of use.

The camera was completely rebuilt and re-adjusted, all functions operate exactly. Film plane adjusted and film tested.

Comes with the new screen:
+ mint/ln (about 98% of the new condition) ultra-bright screen with the same brightness and quality as the "acute matte d" on the Hassy or "High-D screen" on hy6 (easy to focus even if you have problems with focusing)

Both lenses were cleaned internal: no visible scratches, no haze, no fungus, perfect coating, may have some minimal residue and residual traces, also nothing that will affect taking pictures, tested with the lens tester as well.



Please notice, I don´t provide next-day shipping!
Delivery is carried out in approximately 4-5 days after the receipt of the order.



  • Rolleiflex 3.5F type 5
  • original case
  • ultra bright focusing screen
  • new leather strap
  • UV filter
  • original lens cap
  • flat glass
  • special flat glass back door
  • soft release button
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