Rolleiflex 2.8 GX Mod 2, Expression

Planar 80/2.8 lens of the new generation with great contrast, improved HFT coating and "modern" sharpness.

Mint boxed condition (please refer the photos), not really shows any signs of its age, not new but pretty close to it.

  • Shutter: Copal Nr. 0 leafshutter. Speeds 1 to 1/500 sec. and B.
  • Improved design of the Focus Knob which now hides the battery compartment cover
  • Different design of neck strap attachment

The camera was controlled and tested, as far it was just "out of the box" it didn´t need any additional service etc. working absolutely great, film tested.

Working meter.

Comes with the original bright screen:

+ mint/ln (about 90% of the new condition) with grid, split image and micro-prism ring.

Lens: unopened "as is", no visible scratches, no haze, no fungus, good coating, may have some minimal residue inside and residual traces, also nothing that will affect taking pictures, tested with the lens tester as well.

See some images made exactly with this camera



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  • Rolleiflex 2.8GX Expression
  • original Box with inside protection
  • new original lens hood
  • bright focusing screen
  • orig. GX strap
  • new Zeiss UV with adapter
  • lens cap
  • manual
  • soft release button
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