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Rolleiflex and Rolleicord

Attention, every rebuild already includes installation of the plain ultra bright screen!
I make only the complete re-build (service / cla)
for: 2.8F/3.5F / 2.8C / 2.8D / 2.8E etc.
It means I will check out the complete camera and take it fully apart, bring it to the factory condition, test all functions, clean, renew, re-lubricate, and readjust the whole camera.
To check only for "one thing", for example, the compur shutter or the function of film advance, makes absolutely no sense, because all functions in this camera depend on each other and due to the camera age only the complete re-build will guaranty the full operating condition.
You will get your old worn parts back. I already worked with cameras dropped in the river or with the heavy impact damage, so there are many ways to restore the mechanics even of the very bad cameras.

We also do re-polish or re-coat your lenses but please keep in mind that this service is offered separately from the camera service.

Things I am not doing
- I can't renew your light cell, I can only adjust the light meter if it still works linearly
- To change your destroyed "light trap" to the new one, only renew it.
- In cases, if about 40-55% of the internal parts need to be changed because the camera was damaged by a previous technical or unprofessional open up I will need to check up the capacity for restoration
- It concerns also the cases if the camera was drooped down, in this case, I will check out if big parts are still available and get back to you
- I don´t repaint your external parts
- I don´t change external parts (panels, knobs, etc.)
So if your camera looking "beaten up" it will not turns into mint camera, you will get the same camera in same external condition but working.


Please send only the camera and the protective cap or filter on the taking lens. Please pack your Rollei for a safe trip when shipping (see added manual for packaging).
Use a new cardboard carton. If the camera is damaged in shipping and you used an old box, the insurance adjuster will claim it was packed improperly.
Postal charges, insurance and incoming taxes to Germany must be paid by a customer, sending back will be included in the total price and will proceed insured by DHL incl. tracking code

The prospective costs of the rebuild are also considered in the estimate of costs. I will inspect your camera and sent you the estimate of costs. In case of the refuse, the customer pays only for sending back and 50 Eu. for the inspection.
It is impossible to make an exact estimate of costs before the camera was inspected personally, however, the approximate cost based on my experiences is:
up from 1050 Euro without VAT. / German VAT is currently 19% of the total

but in general, it depends on what internal parts are needed and the internal camera condition, also how badly was it serviced in past. Anyway, to provide the best possible work, I do only the complete rebuild with a full range of cleaning, adjustment, measurement and all other related procedures included checking with the film. The rebuild takes usually up to 7 days for one camera, so to preserve this quality work I can not offer this service under a certain amount.

Turnaround time
It is not yet possible to figure out exactly what typical turnaround time is but in general:

9-8 months at the moment

Express: 2-3 weeks (+55% to the total amount) - not for the lens work!

365 days on the work made