Super bright focusing screen
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Super bright Rollei screen (new old stock, abot 98% of original condition): super bright, contrasty, high clarity, all matte screen without lines, with a clear spot in the middle

The brightness of the screen is equal to the "Maxwell HI-LUX" screen.

My screen will fit any Rollei with interchangeable wlf and removable screens just perfectly and are much brighter and easier to focus than the original factory screens (anyway) or cheap imitate produced screens.

Actually, this screens are compatible with all Rolleiflex models with the interchangeable hood and do not require any special tools or adjustments -
(presuming that the camera is currently focusing correctly with the original factory screen),
so you don't need to do any adjustments after changing it (unlike the expensive Chinese screens, which require recalibration of the viewing lens and are not really flat at all).

(The invoice amount is differential taxation according to § 25a)
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