Rolleikin - adapter kit for 35mm film #1

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For sale is the complete Rolleikin 35mm adapter kit included:

  • Outer and inner boxes.
  • 35 mm film frame holder
  • Film take-up spool.
  • Exposure counter knob with 3 dedicated screws, leather disk.
  • Extension spindle for the rewind knob
  • Inner spool knob. This is the extended one that opens the film feeler rollers.
  • Focusing screen mask.
  • Direct view finder mask.

This kit will fit all postwar Rolleiflex cameras - from the Rolleiflex 3.5A to the Rolleiflex 2.8F

The Rolleikin 2 was intended for post-war Rolleiflex models and was offered for decades, with all the necessary masks adapted according to changes in camera design.
Previously, there was the Rolleikin 1, designed primarily for pre-World War II cameras.
To use the Rolleikin 1, all cameras required a special back but here we have the standard Rolleikin 2 set.

Most 2.8 camera models came out of the factory with the frame counter knob (the one with the numbers) already installed. There is no point in mentioning models that had this knob installed from the factory. It can be added or removed by the user. Quite a few users not interested in exposing to 35mm film removed the knob at some point. Rolleikins were sold as kits with and without knobs.




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