NEW PRO ultra bright screen for Mamiya RB


PRO ultra-bright focusing screen (plastic insert part only)

The pro version of the ultra bright screens line.

  • Extremely bright and brilliant image from corner to corner, great brightness even in the low light. Great for the indoor and night shooting!
  • No focusing aids, with this screen you don´t even need any focusing aids at all, cause the mated side is extremely fine with enough resolution to see very fine details.
  • The focusing object pop in very clearly, so no problem even if you were gases or have weak eyes.
  • No guidelines for horizontal and vertical-format, just you and your viewing image.
  • Made of extra high clarity optical substrate.
  • The brightness of the screen is equal (some customers say even better) to the "High - D" screen from Rollei or Hasselblad "Acute Matte D".

Installation of the screen is very easy, the plastic insert part is hold by the 2 fuses, you just need to unscrew 4 screws and change the plastic insert, the fresnel upper part must be looking toward the glass insert up to your eyes.



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