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Rolleiflex 2.8F type 2 with amber coated 5-elements Carl Zeiss Planar 80/2.8 lens with great contrast, resolution and 3D pop.

This rebuild is the pure synergy between latest Rolleiflex 2.8F type 2 model with the amber coated "pre-white face" Planar 80/2.8 lens version and ability to use it with the flat glass back and flat glass insert for maximum image quality!

The flat glass insert is the best way to keep your film absolutely flat over the entire surface (like a sensor) and you also get a constant film position and flatness for every single shot without any tolerances in the film channel! The same technology was also possible for 220 type film on Vacuum Film Insert for Contax 645 but with this 2.8F it´s also possible for 120 film type.
It´s amazing technology if you use to scan your film (as I do) and able to keep the flat glass dust free by using an air blower by every film change, some accuracy and retouching is required after scanning but you will be rewarded with amazing incomparable quality, especially if you use low grain films like Kodak Ektar 100 or Kodak Tmax 100. If you use low grain film and can scan it with drum scanner or Flextight you will get amazing details.
Another important aspect is that you will able to see where the flat glass ends on the negative (the edge will be visible, especially the top and bottom part of the negative, so slight cropping is required but you might love it with the boarder too).

It´s relatively easy to remove the flat glass insert to clean underneath (if needed, in most cases small particles on the other side of the flat glass insert has no influence as the film surface is the other side of the glass plate) or to remove the flat glass insert completely to use the camera in the standard modus without the flat glass (for that purpose the pressure plate of the back must be switched to the 6x6 mod).

It also comes with a mint/new flat glass back door which is extremely rare nowadays, especially in that condition, it could be found on eBay right now for almost 550 USD for the back in that condition only.

Also pay attention to the locking swivel filter attachment that mounts to the camera body and accepts any E46 screw mount filter (already included to the set).
This adapter allows photographers to swing the filter to the taking lens for composition and a view of the filter effect and then the filter can be quickly swung back down over the taking lens for the shot. This is particularly useful with a polarizing filter but also with black and white photography filters. The filter adapter allows the use of the larger variety of filters that are available in standard threaded mounts and often at lower cost than Bay III filters.

Great restored like new condition (please refer the photos), with some signs of use.

Camera has been completely rebuilt and re-adjusted

(The amount of work is greater the the usual overall "CLA", I check out the complete camera and take it fully apart, bring all the internal parts and adjustments back to the factory condition or even improve the factory settings, test all functions, clean, renew, re-lubricate, and readjust the whole camera), therefore all functions work accurately and even smoother than from the factory, the focus is adjusted to the film plane and also film tested on the special stand for excellent focus accuracy.

Working adjusted accurate meter.

Comes with the new updated Maxwell Precision Optics focusing screen:

+ super bright Maxwell Precision Optics screen with no grid lines and 3 focusing aids in the middle:

  • split-image
  • micro-prism collar
  • fine matted collar

Both lenses has no visible scratches, no haze, no fungus, good preserved coating, may have some minimal residue and residual traces, also nothing that will affect taking pictures, tested with the lens tester as well.



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  • Rolleiflex 2.8F type 2 flat glass rebuild
  • new updated super bright Maxwell focusing screen
  • Rolleinar 1 + Rolleinar 2 portrait lenses!!!
  • og leather bag (original flat glass design!!!) with side protection
  • new replica mirrored lens cap
  • new locking swivel filter attachment with og. package
  • HOYA E46 filters (red - yellow - green - IR - orange - SKY)
  • E46 square lens hood
  • new leather strap (comfortable wide version)
  • soft release button
  • manual