Rolleiflex Old Standard type 3 with Carl Zeiss Tessar 75/3.5 late uncoated lens. This lens has a lot of character and perfectly suited for bw film but also colour.

Made between 1934-1938 that was the third and last Rolleiflex of the "Old Standard" line.

Shutter: Compur-Rapid, 1 - 1/500 sec., T & B. please notice that if the shutter is activated you can only change the times between 1 sec. to 1/300! Release the shutter first and you will be able go down to B, T or 1/500 setting.

Always remember the rule for the old Compur shutters:
first set the speed to 1/500, then cock the shutter!
Once the shutter is cocked at 1/500 it´s not possible to set any other time, you need to fire the shutter first, then you can change the time setting!
Also if the shutter was already cocked at any shutter time between 1/300 and 1 sec. you can´t move it to B, T or 1/500 setting!

How to load the film into old standard - https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwSTUNzIY4k

The camera was completely serviced and recalibrated, screen and mirror changed, all functions operates perfectly, focus was adjusted to the film plane and also film tested on the special stand for excellent focus accuracy.

Condition is extremely well for its age, (please refer the full-sized photos).

Comes with the new updated screen:

+ almost new (about 98% of the new condition) PRO super bright screen without grid.

Both lenses were cleaned internally: the glass is haze and fungus free, no visible scratches, may have some cleaning marks and minimal residue may be present in the elements, but overall very clean internally, so there´s also nothing that will affect taking pictures, tested with the lens tester as well.



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+ Rolleiflex Old Standard type 3
+ original lens hood
+ camera case
+ new leather strap
+ cable release
+ Proxar 1 (Rolleinar 1) portrait lens