PRE-ORDER for the Rolleiflex 3.5F type 5 "White Face" rebuild with the flat glass attachment and 10 aperture blades.

I'm also willing to split your payment into 2 equal parts, with the first part paid upfront and the second part upon completion of the work. For separate payment arrangements, please contact me in advance through the contact form on the page.

The finishing date of the order increases with each new pre-order made, I advise you to clarify all the details about the approximately finishing date of the order in advance through personal messages, for now approximately finishing date - around 8-9 weeks after the order done, maybe sooner.


PRE-ORDER: Rolleiflex 3.5F type 5 (White Face) with the late improved 6-elements Carl Zeiss Planar 75/3.5 lens, the last classical lens generation of the Planar 75 line with the great contrast and amazing sharpness, this particular lens pair is already pre-selected and picked out for this project, it has a maximum possible resolution for that type of lens.
It has a better resolution than the 2.8F´s 80/2.8 but also a wider view and more like "matter of fact" rendering.

For collectors/users: this 3.5F White Face is based on the original late type 4/5 shell, it means I completely rebuild the 3.5F White Face into another shell (camera body and change the standard 5 bladed aperture against 10 bladed version for a very smooth bokeh.


The camera will be completely rebuilt and re-adjusted

(The amount of work is greater the the usual overall "CLA", I check out the complete camera and take it fully apart, bring all the internal parts and adjustments back to the factory condition or even improve the factory settings, test all functions, clean, renew, re-lubricate, and readjust the whole camera), therefore all functions work accurately and even smoother than from the factory, the focus is adjusted to the film plane and also film tested on the special stand for excellent focus accuracy.

Working adjusted accurate meter.

Comes with the new screen:
+ new PRO ultra bright screen!

See the sample images made with the similar Rolleiflex 3.5F White Face with 10 aperture blades



  • Rolleiflex 3.5F White Face rebuild
  • og leather case with side protection
  • new leather strap
  • new metallic lens cap
  • new B+W UV filter
  • new lens hood hammertone finish
  • diffuser
  • soft release button