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PRE-ORDER: Rolleiflex 3.5F type 5 (White Face) with the late improved 6-elements Carl Zeiss Planar 75/3.5 lens, the last classical lens generation of the Planar 75 line with the great contrast and amazing sharpness, this particular lens pair was preselected and picked out for this project, it has a maximum possible resolution for that type of lens. It has a better resolution than the 2.8F´s 80/2.8 but also a wider view and more like "matter of fact" rendering.

For collectors/users: this 3.5F White Face is based on the early 3.5F type 4 shell, it means I completely rebuild the 3.5F White Face into another shell (camera body) that was able to accept the new flat glass insert! During the rebuild process I will also change the standard 5 bladed aperture against 10 bladed version for very smooth bokeh.

The flat glass insert is the best way to keep your film absolutely flat over the entire surface (like a sensor) and you also get a constant film position and flatness for every single shot without any tolerances in the film channel! The same technology was also possible for 220 type film on Vacuum Film Insert for Contax 645 but with this 2.8F it´s also possible for 120 film type.
It´s amazing technology if you use to scan your film and able to keep the flat glass dust free by using an air blower by every film change, some accuracy and retouching is required but you will be rewarded with amazing incomparable quality.

It´s relatively easy to remove the flat glass plate to clean underneath (if needed) or to remove completely to use the camera in the standard modus without the flat glass (for that purpose the pressure plate of the back must be switched to the 6x6 mod).
Another important aspect is that you will able to see where the flat glass ends on the negative (the edge will be visible on top and bottom part of the negative).

It also comes with a mint/new flat glass back door which is extremely rare nowadays, especially in that condition, it could be found on eBay right now for almost 550 USD for the back in that condition only.

Working adjusted accurate meter.

Comes with the new screen:
+ mint/ln (about 98% of the new condition) super-bright screen with the wide extra fine spot in the middle for critical focusing (easy to focus even if you have problems with focusing)

Both lenses will be cleaned interna

See the sample images made with the similar Rolleiflex 3.5F White Face with Flat Glass.



  • Rolleiflex 3.5F White Face rebuild
  • og leather case with side protection
  • new leather strap
  • new plastic lens cap
  • new B+W UV filter
  • new lens hood hammertone finish
  • Rolleinar 1+ 2 portrait lenses!
  • diffuser
  • soft release button
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