PRE-ORDER for Rolleiflex 3.5F Type 4

The finishing date of the order increases with each new pre-order made, I advise you to clarify all the details about the approximately finishing date of the order in advance through personal messages, for now approximately finishing date - around 8 weeks after the order done, maybe sooner.


Rolleiflex 3.5F of the 4th type with a late improved 6-element Carl Zeiss Planar 75/3.5 lens, this is already the latest generation of the classic Planar 75 lens line with excellent micro-contrast, sharpness, and amazing lens resolution.

In my opinion, this lens has higher sharpness and contrast characteristics than the average classic 80/2.8 version (for example, 2.8C-2.8D-2.8E-2.8F type 1). The design and concept of this lens are not just a "cut" version of the 80/2.8 lens but represent an independent concept of the "standard" lens focused on optical resolution and excellent edge sharpness.

It is for this version of the lens that Rolleiflex first released its famous Rollei Mutar 0.7 and 1.5 attachments, which can also be used on the 2.8 version with a special adapter.

For collectors and users: this late 3.5F type 4 is a version before the "White Face - Type 5" and has overall identical camera performance and build except for the front camera plate.

Please note that the photos show the current condition of the camera (and it is truly excellent; each camera was personally preselected by me), but the final condition of the camera will be improved during the restoration process, which gives the restored camera a fresh appearance and operating feeling!

Both lenses of the camera are in excellent condition for their age; every lens (viewing and taking) undergoes cleaning during the restoration process.

A new PRO ultra-bright screen will be installed during the rebuild process.


The camera will be completely rebuilt and re-adjusted!

The amount of work is greater than the usual "CLA":

I check the entire camera and disassemble it completely, returning all internal details and settings to the factory state or even improving the factory settings with modern instruments, testing all functions, cleaning, updating, lubricating, and readjusting the whole camera. Therefore, all functions will work precisely and even smoother than out of the factory; the focus is set to the film plane and also tested on a special stand for excellent focusing accuracy.





  • Rolleiflex 3.5F type 4
  • updated PRO ultra bright screen
  • og leather case
  • new lens hood (hammertone paint)
  • new leather strap
  • original metallic lens cap
  • SKY filter (UV)
  • soft release button