Rolleiflex 2.8GX
Portra 800 pushed to 3200

The dark time of the year in Germany is really a mess in terms of using film. Usually I´m enjoying to use Ektar 100 in every situation and at any location but during the winter time if the day is short it´s a pain...So my idea was why not to try push the Portra 800 up to 3200?!

Around 3 p.m in middle November I got my back packed and just moved out into the forest. In one hour I realised that the sun turned into subdued evening light, pretty dark.
At some point I thought I should just return home and try it next time but as far I already was in the forest I just wanted to give myself a chance to make some shots...
The process of shooting colour film 800 as 3200 is pretty the same as the BW, you shot your film at iso 3200 and push it two stops up (+2EV)

I develop the films myself in Tetenal C41 chemicals at 30 °C
normally it should be 8min but pushed 2 stops it makes 12min.

And the results!

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