Rolleiflex Re-build

Rolleiflex and Rolleicord
Here I want you to show how I work on the cameras that I exclusively offer in my shop
At the moment I don´t provide any kind of service/rebuild for 3rd part cameras.
I do this type of work for your future camera (shop) exclusively and also support already sold cameras and my old customers. Enjoy!
I make only the complete re-build

I check out the complete camera and take it fully apart, bring it to the factory condition, test all functions, clean, renew, re-lubricate, and readjust the whole camera.

Also have a large supply of the NOS (new old stock) original parts and all related materials.

To check only for "one thing", for example, the compur shutter or the function of film advance, makes in the most cases absolutely no sense, because all functions in this camera depend on each other and due to the camera age only the complete re-build will guaranty the smooth and full operating condition. Sometimes I get some really new cameras in , where only general cleaning and readjustment must be done but it´s more like exception to the general practice.

In some cases I re-polish and re-coat lenses, mostly because nowadays vintage lenses on Rolleiflex suffers from problems with coating and lot of micro scratches, it´s extremely hard to find any Rolleiflex with a good lens.