Rolleiflex 3.5F type 2

Usually if people try to understand what Rolleiflex 3.5F they have, they start to identify camera by the serial number but I usually classify them by the features (parts) of the camera that are externally visible (for example the lens).
At some point it´s funny, because I separate all 3.5F in 5 different types but in fact if I would take into account all the major details I actually would separate them even into 6 different types.

Before I started with the Rolleiflex type 2 let me start with the Rolleiflex 3.5F type 1 (also known as the type "K4D")
Xenotar 75 lens usually starts with serial number up from 5xxxxx
the Planar 75 lens starts with serial up from 2xxxxx

The Rolleiflex Type 1 had the aperture coupled to shutter speed dial (what makes that model "most hated" Rolleiflex to use and service) so the actual exposure was always kept the same when any dial moved, the aperture dial has a chrome push guard (see the picture) on side to release coupling, this was only used on the K4D and dropped on the next version ...

I personally think that the very first version (type1) with its interlock annoying to use and the Planar lens of the type 1 often has a separation, another point is that it´s a pretty cool looking camera if mint (and very hard to find in mint condition too) and it has definitely a different character compared to the type 3 but what is type 2?

Some time ago I got the Rolleiflex what I thought should be the type 3 in absolutely mint condition but it turned out that it´s the type 2 and it actually the first type 2 I had in maybe 10 years!

My first expression was just, "wow it works UNCOUPLED!" yes, unlike the type 1 the type 2 works uncoupled what is a big improvement over the first version and it also makes the coolest satisfying sound if you change the time setting!.

it definitely should not turns stiffer because of the extra gears...
So the process and the result.

Also see how different is the typo on the aperture ring compared to the later 3.5F models!

So now I´m also a big fan of the type 2 version!
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