Terms and conditions

The cameras /accessories/filters etc. displayed on my Instagram profile or this site were produced mostly in the 50 's, 60's and 70's and all without exception have some traces of use, (some more, some less) it especially concerns the older lenses.
That for sure not applies to the new products also presented on the page (screens, glass insets, etc.)
In spite of this, I do my best to sort out, pre-select, re-build and present only the best preserved Rolleiflex items.
The original state can always be estimated from the full-size photographs.
I also enclose videos in high definition (if wished), where I once again show in detail the state of the cameras and their performance, please send me an E-mail if you need an additional video or contact me on Instagram: @magicflexcamera

I´m working and shooting myself on the Rolleiflex TLR with a huge passion for many years almost on a daily basis, so it´s highly unlikely that you´ll have any issue with the your Rolleilfex bought off my shop, but let me definite some very important points anyway.

Due to the German law there´s no implied warranty for items older that 30 years but I want you to be happy with your Rolleiflex and therefore offer the14-day to check out the camera, with a money-back guarantee only if it not working or looking as described, so the reason for returning must be good and fair, be fair to me and I´ll be fair to you.
Please understand that for the analogue cameras older then 30 years here´s no 14 "test period" as such, therefore you can not just test and return it back, so please make sure that you have made a correct choice before placing your order.
The 14-day checking time begins from the date when you receive the camera (in the post), it is no matter who or how - the delivery date counts only.
I also provide 6 month technical support - guarantee for my rebuild service done (not in the case if the damage was done by the buyer or during the shipping of course).
Support is not provided if any third-party alterations were made to the camera over this period.

The money-back (refund) guarantee: 14 days to check and test the declared state of your camera / lens / filter etc..
Since the cameras are used, the defect for the money-back should be actually affecting or obviously complicating the functionality of the camera and be seen on the final results - on film (negatives).

Shipping terms: the import charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost.
For the US customers, depends on your state, the delivery courier brokerage fees for this item can variate strong from 10 to 180 USD, government charges are individually in every state.

Please notice, I don´t provide next-day shipping, I need some time to manage the right packaging and export papers.
Delivery is carried out in approximately 4-5 days after the order was paid.

After purchase, you can always contact me with a question about the operation of the camera, if something is unclear.
A video manual explaining how to change the film will be attached.

The camera does not work like it should? Please inform me about this (preferably with proof).
Items are returned at the expense of the buyer. The cameras must be sent back in full, including all add-ons and bonuses.
The cameras must be returned unmodified; the money will be refunded following an inspection of the camera sent back.
This is a standard procedure both in Europe and internationally. If the refund amount is large, then the money-back can be paid out in parts, over the course of 30 days. The full amount paid by you will be refunded, in the same currency as originally paid by you and in the same way. The amount is transferred only after receiving all parts of the original order.

The cameras are not subject to a partial or complete exchange. Please make sure that you have made a correct choice before placing your order. If you need to get an expression of how my Rolleiflex cameras work in advance, please let me know about this, since my clients and friends, who have purchased from me in the past live all over the world and can be found in most cities around the globe.

If a camera returns from a buyer scratched, damaged or otherwise altered, it will be sent back to the buyer without a refund. Therefore, please save the original packaging and perhaps also buy postal insurance.

After the end of the 14-day period I also provide 6 month technical support - guarantee for my rebuild service done. Support is not provided if any third-party alterations were made to the camera. Postal expenses to the addressee within these 6 months are paid at the expense of the buyer; return shipping is at the seller's expense.

I encourage my buyers to join our online community, so I'm always happy with an honest, detailed review in your Instagram profile or there in feedback section.